New Hampshire's Most Personalized Archery Instruction

5-Spot Target Shooting

Increased accuracy on the range means increased accuracy on the hunt.

Big Game or Small, We Can Guide You

We've successfully hunted bear, deer, turky, pheasant, grouse and woodcock. You can too. Learn how.

Basic, Instinctive Target Shooting

Instinctive shooting is the foundation of all archery. This is where it all began, and the fundamentals apply to all archery.

Are You Game for the Hunt?

If hunting is what you want to do. We will teach all the Finer points, plus the proper arrow shot placement on an animal.


A Strong Foundation

Mike Colby with dog & phesants

We want to teach archery to people so they can learn a good foundation of shooting, so in the future no matter what style they are shooting—3-D, Olympic, Hunting, League, or 5 spot targets—they will know the 11 steps of archery and have them all mastered.

We will teach you safety while shooting. You will know your draw length, eye dominance, parts of the bow and arrows, how to shoot with pins, peep, and how to use a release, how to sight in multitude pins.

Do you know if you shoot low left which way to move what?

If hunting is what you want to do. We will teach all the above plus the proper arrow shot placement on an animal. If you want to hunt from a tree stand, we will teach tree stand safety and the different types of stands and how they work.

Buy a Brick to Do Good

Wed, 07/10/2013 - 6:00pm -- admin
Jason Sisk at Archery New Hampshire

This is Boy Scout, Jason Sisk. He is doing an archery clinic at Archery New Hampshire on July 13, 2013, starting from 1pm to the end of the day.

He is raising money for the Brentwood Historical Society at 140 Crawley Falls Road, Brentwood NH. On the backside of the Historical Society building there are a set of stairs that lead off from a rear entrance of the building. The stairs are falling apart and are in need of replacement. Jason is going to replace these steps as well as put in a 12' x 16' patio off of the new set of stairs.

Rocking the Saturday Morning Archery Classes

Tue, 07/09/2013 - 6:08pm -- admin
Embedded thumbnail for Rocking the Saturday Morning Archery Classes

Haven't had a chance to come visit us yet and scope out our classes?

Here's a short video clip from two of our Saturday Morning classes. Starting with the Reed family demonstrating how "the family that shoots together, hoots together". And then my group of ninja warriors working on their 5-spot scoring.

Stay tuned, we hope to have more videos to share soon.

Mike Colby (front) teaching and Advanced Archery StudentThinking about trying archery, but not sure what it's all about?

Come on down to Get Fit NH any Saturday morning and watch a class in progress. We'll be happy to answer your questions and show you wat it's all about. We think you'll like what you see.

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